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iTAZZO Top Chef Stainless Steel Series
- Brighten Up Modern Kitchens

iTAZZO Top Chef Stainless Steel Series is healthy and durable. Its distinctive and contemporary design brightens up modern kitchens with a sense of luxury.


iTAZZO Top Chef 不锈钢系列 - 让时尚厨房更亮眼

iTAZZO Top Chef不锈钢系列健康、耐用、设计新颖、独特,让每一个时尚厨房更奢华、亮眼。

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The Ideas of Healthy Lifestyle

iTAZZO Top Chef Stainless Steel Series is made of 3-ply, i.e. steel aluminum-steel compounded materials which transmit heat rapidly, heat up evenly, non-sticky, and easy to clean, time-saving and effortless. Completely sealed structures retain flavor and lock nutrition while cooking, accelerates cooking process and preserving optimum nutrients of food. The joining between handle and body is hollowed in order to reduce heat transmission, this design is ergonomic and in accordance to thermal engineering. The pot or pan body is made of superior 3-ply stainless steel which is durable, non-sticky and effectively reduces fumes, hence its safe and healthy.

The Ideas of Healthy Lifestyle

3-ply stainless steel consists of 3 layers of compounded materials, i.e. steel aluminum-steel. The inner layer is made of imported high quality 18/8 stainless steel. This material is resistant to acid, alkali and corrosion. Middle layer is able to transmits heat rapidly, heats up food evenly while nutrients are sealed, this layer is made of pure aluminum. Lastly, the outer layer which is the bottom of pot is made of magnetic stainless steel which enhances magnetic transmission, hence it s ideal for induction hob.



iTAZZO Top Chef 不锈钢系列由3层钢组成:即由钢,铝,钢三层复合材料拉伸成型,具有传热快、受热均衡、不易粘锅、方面清洗的特点,省时又省力。锅体全密封结构,烹饪时能锁住美味和营养,加快食物的热化速度,最大限度地保留食物的营养成分。 锅身手柄与锅体的连接延伸部分镂空更好地减少热传递,符合人体工程力学和传热学设计。 锅身采用新型优质三层复合钢材料,坚固耐用;不易粘底,有效抵制油烟产生,安全健康。



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Itazzo Top Chef 2 Pcs Stainless Steel Wok

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Itazzo Top Chef 6 Pcs Stainless Steel Cookware

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