Apam Balik

Ingredients ASelf Rising Flour-150 gm, Sugar-40 gm, Baking Soda-5 gm, Water-160 ml, Egg-1 pc

Ingredients BPeanut Crumb-300 gm, Fine Sugar-some, Salted Butter-some, Sweet Corn kernel (canned)-some


1. Put the ingredients A into the e-Processor, set at speed 1 and blend till smooth. Then, set aside for 1 hour.

2. Heat up a pan, pour in a scoop of the mixture, use the ladle to swirl and spread the mixture to fill the pan evenly, cook with low heat until bubbles are formed on the surface.

3. Sprinkle some ingredients B on the pancake, and cook until the edge of the pancake turns into golden brown. Use the spatula to fold the pancake into half and remove from the pan. Ready to serve.


材料A:自发面粉-150 gm、细糖-40 克、小苏打-5 gm、水-160 ml、鸡蛋-1 粒

材料B:花生碎-300 gm、细糖-少许、咸黄油-少许、罐头甜玉米-少许


1. 将材料A放入养生调理机,设定1号搅拌至细滑,待放1小时备用。

2. 将锅预热后,倒入一大勺子的面糊,再用勺子背面慢慢均匀摊开,用小火煎至表面冒出小洞。

3. 将材料B适量撒在饼皮上,继续煎至边缘转金黄色后,用锅铲将饼皮对折即可取出享用。

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