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Golden Dates Snack

IngredientsPumpkin(Remove Skin)-200 gm, Glutinous Rice Flour-120 gm, Red Dates(Big size)-30 pcs


1. Soak the red date in the water for 30 minutes then remove the seed of red dates. 

2. Preheat steamer,steam the pumpkin for 20 minutes, set aside.

3. Put the steamed pumpkin and glutinous rice flour into the e-Processor, set at speed 2 and blend for 2 minutes.

4. Pour out the mixture into Glutinous Rice Flour, mix and knead the dough, make it into long shape, then cut into small pieces and stuff into the Red Dates.

5. Put the stuffed red dates into the steamer, steam for 20 minutes at medium heat. Ready to serve.

* Please use Dry Grinder Jug


材料:南瓜(去皮)-200 gm、糯米粉-120 gm、红枣(大颗)-30 颗


1. 红枣浸水30分钟然后去核。

2. 预热蒸炉,将南瓜蒸至20分钟备用。

3. 将蒸好的南瓜放入养生调理机,设定2号搅拌2分钟。

4. 将搅拌好的南瓜汁倒入糯米粉中搅拌均匀,然后搓成条状及分成30个糯米粒。

5. 分好的糯米粒塞入红枣中。

6. 将裹了馅料的红枣放入蒸炉, 以中火蒸至20分钟即可享用。

* 请使用干磨杯


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