20180518 Healthy Herbal Soup

Healthy Herbal Soup

Ingredients AHuang Qi-6 gm, Dang Shen-12 gm, Red Dates-8 gm, Wolfberries-10 gm, Salt-6 gm, Hot Water-1000 ml

Ingredients BChicken Drumsticks 450 gm


1. Put all ingredients A into the e-Processor, set at speed 6 and blend till homogenous.

2. Pour the soup into a pot, add in the ingredients B and cook for 15 minutes. Ready to serve.


材料A:黄耆-6 gm、党参-12 gm 、红枣-8 gm、枸杞-10 gm、盐-6 gm、热水-1000 ml

材料B:鸡腿肉-450 gm


1. 将所有的材料A放入养生调理机,设定6号搅拌细滑。

2. 将搅拌的汤料倒入锅中,加入材料B煮至15分钟即可享用。


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