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Merry Giant Burger

Ingredients AChicken Meat-300 gm, Garlic-15 gm, Onion-30 gm, Peppermint leaves-2 gm, Parsley-2 gm, Thyme-2 gm, Egg-1 pc, Black Pepper-1 gm, Salt-1 gm

Ingredients B:Cooking Oil-Some, Cheese Slice-1 pc


1. Put all ingredients A into the e-Processor, press “Pulse” button for few times base on own favorite chewy. 

2. Preheat wok with cooking oil, make the meat mixture into patty, put in the wok and fry till golden brown, then place the cheese slice on top. Ready to serve.

* Please use Dry Grinder Jug


材料 A:鸡肉-300 gm、蒜米-15 gm、洋葱-30 gm、薄荷-2 gm、香菜-2 gm、百里香-2 gm、鸡蛋-1粒、黑胡椒-1 gm、盐-1 gm

材料 B:食油-适量、芝士片-1 片


1. 将材料A放入养生调理机, 按“Pulse” 键打数次直至喜爱的嚼劲。

2. 预热锅, 倒入材料B的食油, 将搅拌好的肉馅弄成圆形肉饼,放入锅中并煎至金黄色,过后将材料B的芝士放在肉饼上,即可上碟。

* 请使用干磨杯



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