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Lei Cha Noodles

Ingredients AFlour-1 Flat cup, Tapioca Starch-1 gm

Ingredients BLei cha sauce-30 ml, Salt-To taste, Pepper powder-Some, Life water-30 ml

Ingredients CParsley (Chopped)-Some, Pepper powder-Some


1. Mix well the ingredients B and set aside for use.

2. Pour the ingredients A into the e-Maker, close the cover properly.

3. Connect the power supply, press “POWER” button and select 1 cup, the e-Maker will start operating.

4. During kneading process, slowly pour in the mixture (Step 1) to mix well.

5. After kneading, the e-maker will start to produce your desired noodles.

6. Cook the noodles in hot water, then run the noodles under cold water to make it springy.

7. Add the ingredients C onto the noodles for better taste. Ready to serve.

* Tips: Choose your desired noodle mould for making different types of noodles.


材料A:面粉-1平杯木薯粉-1 gm

材料B:擂茶膏-30 ml盐-少许胡椒粉-适量生命水-30 ml

材料C:香菜 (切碎)-适量胡椒粉-适量


1. 将所有的材料B搅拌至均匀备用。 

2. 将所有的材料A倒入养生制造机内,并将盖盖好。

3. 启动电源,按"Power",再选择1杯的分量,机器将开始操作。

4. 当在搅拌时,慢慢地将备用材料B倒入机器当中一起搅拌均匀。

5. 当面粉搅拌均匀后,机器将自动制造出面条。

6. 将制造出来的面条用热水烫熟,然后取出放入冷水让面条更有弹性。

7. 面条可添加材料C的香菜和胡椒粉调味,口感会更佳。



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