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Cutties Cookies

Ingredients A: Egg-1 pc, Life water-Some

Ingredients B: High Gluten Flour-200 gm, Sugar-50 gm

Ingredients C: Chocolate chips-Some


1. Mix well the ingredients A, make the mixture to 95ml then set aside.

2. Put the ingredients B into the e-Maker, switch on the power, press “Knead” button.

3. When mixing the flour, slowly pour the mixture A into the e-maker to mix till homogeneous.

4. After mixing, take out the dough.

5. Make the dough into your preferred shapes, then sprinkle with ingredient C.

6. Preheat the oven, bake at 160˚C for 10 minutes. Ready to serve.



材料 A: 鸡蛋-1粒、生命水-适量

材料 B: 高筋面粉-200 gm、糖-50 gm

材料 C: 巧克力粒-适量


1. 将材料A搅拌均匀, 把分量调至95ml备用。

2. 将材料B倒入养生制造机, 启动电源, 按“Knead”键。

3. 在搅拌时, 把之前备用的材料A慢慢倒入养生制造机内一起搅拌均匀。

4. 搅拌均匀后, 直接取出面团。

5. 依据自己喜爱做出不同的形状及撒上材料C。

6. 放入烘炉, 以160˚C 烘烤10分钟即可享用。



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