Mini Chocolate Cheesecake

Ingredients AOreo Crumbs-133 gm, Melted Butter-25 gm

Ingredients BCream Cheese-140 gm, Sour Cream-105 gm, Sugar-20 gm, Salt-1 gm

Ingredients CDark Chocolate (Melted)-55 gm, Egg-1 pc

Spare IngredientsWhipping Cream-100 ml, Mini Oreo Biscuit-6 pcs


1. Put all ingredients A into the e-Processor, set at speed 1 and blend until mix well. Put into the muffin pan and freeze for half an hour.

2. Put all the ingredients B into the e-Processor, set at speed 3 and blend until fine.

3. Add the ingredients C into the e-Processor, set at speed 3 and blend until fine.

4. Preheat the oven at 150℃.

5. Take out the muffin pan from the freezer, pour the step 3 mixture onto the dough and bake for 30 minutes.

6. After baking and cooling down, refrigerate the mini cheesecake for 8 hours.

7. Decorate the mini cheesecake with the whipping cream and mini Oreo biscuit. Ready to serve.

*Step 1: Please use dry grinder jug


材料A:奥利奥饼干碎-133 gm融化黄油-25 gm

材料B:奶油乳酪-140 gm酸奶油-105 gm糖-20 gm盐-1 gm

材料C:黑巧克力 (融化)-55 gm鸡蛋-1 顆

备用材料:淡奶油-100 ml迷你奥利奥饼干-6 块


1. 将全部材料A倒入养生调理机, 设定1号搅拌均匀。完成后倒入松饼盘内,放入冰箱冷藏半小时。

2. 将全部材料B倒入养生调理机, 设定3号搅拌至细滑。

3. 再将材料C倒入养生调理机, 设定3号搅拌至细滑。

4. 预热烤炉于150度。

5. 在冰箱内取出松饼盘,将搅拌好的面糊放入盘内, 放入烤炉烘焙30分钟。

6. 烘焙后待冷, 然后放入冰箱冷藏8小时。

7. 淋上淡奶油和放上迷你奥利奥饼干, 即可享用。

*步骤1 : 请使用干磨杯

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