20180528 Fernando Merry Biscuit Ball

Fernando Merry Biscuit Ball

Ingredients Marie Biscuit-100 gm, Milo Powder-80 gm, Condensed Milk-100 ml, Butter-50 ml


1. Put Marie biscuits and milo powder into the e-Processor, press“Pulse” button for three times.

2. Add in the condensed milk and butter, press“Pulse”button for few times to mix well.

3. After mixing, pour into a bowl, make into desired shape, the it is ready to serve.

Tip : Best served chilled.


材料 :米玛丽饼干-100 gm、美禄可可粉-80 gm、炼奶-100 ml、黄油-50 ml


1. 将玛丽饼干和美禄可可粉倒入养生调理机,按“Pulse”键3次。

2. 再倒入炼奶和黄油,按“Pulse”键数次以搅拌均匀。

3. 搅拌好后,倒入碗中,搓成自己喜欢的模型即可享用。



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