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Two-layer Drink

Ingredients APandan Leaf-30 cm, Life Water-200 ml

Ingredients BCherry Tomato-80 gm, Milk-100 ml


1. Put ingredients A into the e-Processor, set at speed 2 and blend till homogenous, pour into a cup.

2. Add in ingredients B, set at speed 2 and blend till homogenous then pour into the same cup. Ready to serve.


材料A:班兰叶-30 cm、生命水-200 ml

材料B:樱桃番茄-80 gm、牛奶-100 ml


1. 将材料A倒入养生调理机,设定2号搅拌均匀倒入杯里。

2. 再将材料B倒入养生调理,设定2号搅拌均匀再倒入之前的杯里。完成后即可饮用。


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