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Homemade Black Bean Sauce

Ingredients: Fermented Black Beans-30 gm, Life Water-250 ml, Sesame Oil-Some


1. Put the fermented black beans and Life Water into the e-Processor, set at speed 6 and blend for 5 minutes then pour into a bowl.

2. Add sesame oil and mix well. Ready to serve.

* Please use Dry Grinder Jug


材料:豆豉-30 gm、生命水-250 ml、麻油-适量


1. 将豆豉和生命水放入养生机,设定6号搅拌至5分钟即可倒入碗中。

2. 加入麻油调味即可享用。

* 请使用干磨杯


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