20181126 Dhal Curry

Dhal Curry

Ingredients ADhal-50 gm, Dried Chilies-5 pcs, Curry Leaves-5 gm, Shallots-150 gm, Salt-10 gm, Sugar-50 gm, Life Water-800 ml

Ingredients BCarrot-75 gm, Potato-85 gm, Tomato-40 gm

Ingredients COlive Oil-50 ml, Star Anise-2 pcs, Cinnamon-Some, Halba Campur-5 gm

Ingredients DTurmeric Powder-5 gm


1. Soak Dhal in Life Water for 30 min.

2. Put all the ingredients A into the e-Processor, set at speed 3 and blend for 10 minutes, then set aside.

3. Put all the ingredients B into the e-Processor, press “Pulse” button for 5 times, after that pour into a bowl and set aside.

4. Preheat pan, add in the ingredients C and cook till fragrant. Then add in the mixture B and cook till fragrant. Lastly, add in the mixture A and D and cook thoroughly. Ready to serve.

Step 2:Please use Big Jug

Step 3:Please use Dry Grinder Jug


材料 A:Dhal-50 gm、辣椒干-5 条、咖喱叶-5 gm、小葱头-150 gm、盐-10 gm、糖-50 gm、生命水-800 ml、冰糖-40 gm

材料 B:萝卜-75 gm、马铃薯-85 gm、番茄-40 gm

材料 C:橄榄油-50 ml、八角-2 颗、桂皮-适量、香料-5 gm

材料 D:黄姜粉-5 gm


1. 将Dhal浸泡生命水30分钟。

2. 将所有的材料A放入养生调理机, 设定3号打至10分钟。完成后, 放置一旁备用。

3. 将所有的材料B放入养生调理机, 按“Pulse”键5次即可倒入碗中备用。

4. 热锅后, 将材料C爆香, 然后加入已搅拌好的材料B炒香, 最后倒入搅拌好的材料A和D煮至熟透即可享用。

步骤2: 请使用大杯




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