20170920 Crispy Fish Cake

Crispy Fish Cake

Ingredients ARed Carrot-50 gm, Black Pepper Powder-Some, Life Water-50 ml

Ingredients BMackerel Meat-100 gm, Egg-1 pc

Ingredients CChopped Spring Onions-Some


1. Put ingredients A into the e-Processor, press “Pulse” 3 times. 

2. Add ingredients B into the e-Processor, set at speed 1 and blend till homogenous.

3. After blending, pour the mixture in a bowl and add in ingredients C and mix well.

4. Heat up the pan and fry till golden brown at low heat. Ready to serve.

* Please use Dry Grinder Jug



材料A:红萝卜-50 gm、黑胡椒粉-适量、生命水-50 ml

材料B:马鲛鱼肉-100 gm、鸡蛋-1 粒



1. 将材料A放入养生调理机, 按“Pulse” 键3次。

2. 再将材料B放入养生调理机, 设定1号搅拌至均匀。

3. 搅拌后,将肉酱倒入碗中,然后加入材料C搅拌均匀。

4. 热锅后,将鱼饼放入锅中, 用小火慢慢煎至金黄色即可食用。

* 请使用干磨杯




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