20170403 meat ball with soy sauce

Meatballs with Soy Sauce

Ingredients AChicken Leg (Boneless)-300gm, Chicken Breast-200gm

Ingredient B:Soy Sauce-30ml, Green Onions (Finely Chopped)-20gm, Ginger (Finely Chopped)-20gm, Pepper Powder-5gm

Ingredient C:Lettuce-60gm, Carrot (finely shredded)-25gm

Ingredients D : Life Water-500ml, Soy Sauce-50ml


1. Put all ingredients A into the e-Processor, press“Pulse”button few times until become meat paste.

2. Pour the meat paste into a bowl, add in ingredients B and mix well, make the mixture into meatballs.

3. Heat up the pan, fry the meatballs till golden brown then set aside.

4. Leave some oil in the pan, add in ingredients C and stir fry slightly. After that, add in the ingredients D and meatballs, use medium heat to braise for 15 minutes.

5. After 15 minutes, add the starch to thicken. Ready to serve.

* Please use Dry Grinder Jug



材料 A: 鸡腿肉 (去骨)-300gm、鸡胸肉-200gm

材料 B:酱油-30ml、青葱 (切末)-20gm、生姜 (切末)-20gm、胡椒粉-5gm

材料 C:生菜-60gm、萝卜丝-25gm

材料 D : 生命水-500ml、酱油-50ml


1. 将所有材料A放入养生调理机, 按“Pulse”键数次以搅拌成肉馅。

2. 将搅拌好的肉馅倒在碗中,加入材料B搅拌均匀,然后捏出形状一致的肉丸。

3. 热锅后,将肉丸炸至金黄色即可上碟备用。

4. 锅中余留一些食油,放入材料C 略炒,然后再加入材料D和已炸好的肉丸,使用中火焖煮至15分钟。

5. 15分钟后,加入淀粉勾芡,随即即可上碟享用。

* 请使用干磨杯



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