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Ingredients AIndia Rice 230gm, Urun Dhall 130gm, White rice 3 tablespoons, Life Water 150ml

Ingredients BLife Water 25ml, Salt Some


1. Soak the india rice and urun dhall in life water for 6 hours.

2. Put the india rice, urun dhall, white rice and life water into the e-Processor, set at speed 2 and blend for 3 minutes. After that turn to speed 4 and blend for another 2 minutes.

3. After blending, pour the mixture into a bowl and place in a warm place for 8 hours fermentation.

4. After fermentation, add in the ingredients B and mix well.

5. Heat up a pan, pour in the mixture and fry till fragrance. (Non-stick wok is recommended)



材料A:印度米 230gm 、Urun Dhall 130gm、白饭 3汤匙、生命水 150ml

材料B:生命水 25ml、盐 少许


1. 将印度米和Urun Dhall 泡生命水6个小时。

2. 将泡了水的印度米和Urun Dhall,白饭和生命水放入养生机,设定2号打至3分钟,然后再调去4号打2分钟。

3. 搅拌完成后,将材料倒出来放在碗中,摆放在热的地方让它发酵8个小时。

4. 发酵8小时后,加入材料B及搅拌均匀。

5. 热锅后,倒入锅内煎至金黄色即可。(建议使用不沾锅)



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