20170206 omelette cake

Pandan Omelet Cake

Ingredients A:Palm Sugar 125gm, Sugar 15gm, Life Water 50ml

Ingredients B:Shredded Coconut 125gm

Ingredients C:Egg 3pcs, Flour 125gm, Salt 3gm, Life Water 250ml, Pandan Leaves 4pcs

Ingredients D:Cooking Oil Some


1. Put the ingredients A into the e-Processor, set at speed 1 and blend for 1 minute. 

2. Add the mixture of ingredients A and ingredients B into a pot, use low fire to stir fry until the water is completely absorbed. Set aside for use.

3. Put the pandan leaves and life water from ingredients C into the e-Processor, set at speed 4 and blend for 5 minutes. Then, add in the balance ingredients of C into the e-Processor, set at speed 1 and blend for 1 minute.

4. Add in the ingredients D into a pan and heat up, pour one big spoon of mixture into the pan, make it a round shape, fry for around 1 minute.

5. Put the ingredient on the cake, wrap it and ready to serve.



材料 A:椰糖 125gm、糖 15gm、生命水 50ml

材料 B:椰丝 125gm

材料 C:鸡蛋 3粒、面粉 125gm、盐 3gm、生命水 250ml、班兰叶 4条

材料 D:食油 少许


1. 将材料A放入养生调理机,设定1号搅拌至1分钟。

2. 将搅拌好的材料A和材料B倒入锅中,用小火炒至水份完全被吸收,即可取出备用。

3. 将材料C中的班兰叶和生命水倒入养生调理机,设定4号搅拌至5分钟,再将鸡蛋、面粉和盐也倒入养生调理机,设定1号搅拌至1分钟即可。

4. 将材料D倒入锅中预热,然后倒一大汤匙搅拌好的材料C入锅中,弄成圆形,煎至大约1分钟即可取出。

5. 将炒好的材料放在圆形的饼皮中,包起来后即可享用。




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