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Barley with Soya

IngredientsSoya Bean-2 tablespoons, Barley-1 tablespoon, Sea Bird Nest Jelly-Some (Soak in water for 30min before use), Dried Longan-1 tablespoon, Rock Sugar-1 tablespoon, Hot Water-250ml


1. Soak soya beans in life water for 2 hours. Then steam for 30 minutes.

2. Put the soya bean, barley, sea bird nest jelly, dried longan, rock sugar and hot water into the e-Processor, set at speed 1 and blend for 3 minutes. Ready to serve.



材料:玉黄豆-2 汤匙、薏米-1汤匙、海燕窝-少许 (预先浸泡30分钟)、龙眼干-1汤匙、冰糖-1汤匙、热水-250ml


1. 首先将黄豆泡生命水2个小时,然后用30分钟蒸熟。

2. 将黄豆、 薏米、海燕窝、龙眼干、冰糖及热水放入养生调理机内,设定1号打至3分钟,即可食用。


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